The outer slopes of the Vulture have a typical succession of vegetation forms, mainly influenced by altitude. Up to an altitude of 600-700 metres, the slopes are home to cereal fields, vineyards and olive groves. Higher up, chestnut trees prevail, giving way to oak and then beech trees only above 900-950 metres.

The caldera is a unique combination of geological, geomorphological and pedological elements, of land use, and is within a relatively small space. It therefore contains an extraordinary variety of environments which gradually fade into each other: beech forests, summit fir woods, submontane chestnut woods, cliffs, lava fields and grasslands at the summit of the mountain, submontane mixed deciduous oak woods, lake wetlands and a cultivated area.


Geomorphology of the Park
The Vulture
History of the area
Ecosystem and conservation projects

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