Holy Week between spirituality and tradition

During Holy Week there are many representations in Vulture linked to the sacred drama of the Passion. Among these, the ones in Atella, Rionero in Vulture and Rapolla are very suggestive.

The Stations of the Cross that take place on Good Friday in Barile, with their Albanian reminiscences, are the oldest - dating back to the 17th century - and best known in the region. It is an event of great emotional intensity whose protagonists, strictly dressed in costume, include not only Jesus on his ascent to Golgotha and the other classical figures mentioned in the Gospel, but also metaphorical characters created by the collective imagination. These include the thirty-three girls dressed in white, representing the years of Christ, and the Gypsy woman, adorned with jewellery, a symbol of the Albanian origins of the local community, as well as wealth mixed with danger and wickedness. The poignant procession, prepared weeks in advance, is accompanied by an intense funeral lament that involves practically the whole village.

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